a ghetto in the city of cleveland were alot of the drugs are sold and bought,were alot of rapes happen,and were alot of murders happen.there are many famous people from st.clair such as the bone thugs n harmony,chip the ripper,royalty camp,steve harvey,ray cash,troy smith,donte whitner,jessie owens,ted ginn jr.,and bennie friedman.notable places on st.clair are the double glocks a.k.a. 99th and st.clair and glenville highschool.street gangs on st.clair include waste-5,bloods,and the 10-5 thugs. another fact is that i am from st.clair 2 and im reppin it 4 life
im goin down to st.clair to hang out at the double glocks
by st.clair thug February 11, 2008
Generally infested with stank puss meth mouth and aids. Smells like rotten ass and drugs cause the wind blows here from union. There are friendly crack heads left and right and they give out free candy ;).
Damn what the hell is that smell, we must be in St.Clair Missouri
by Unionfuckinggoatcheese69 April 27, 2019