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a ghetto in the city of cleveland were alot of the drugs are sold and bought,were alot of rapes happen,and were alot of murders happen.there are many famous people from st.clair such as the bone thugs n harmony,chip the ripper,royalty camp,steve harvey,ray cash,troy smith,donte whitner,jessie owens,ted ginn jr.,and bennie friedman.notable places on st.clair are the double glocks a.k.a. 99th and st.clair and glenville highschool.street gangs on st.clair include waste-5,bloods,and the 10-5 thugs. another fact is that i am from st.clair 2 and im reppin it 4 life
im goin down to st.clair to hang out at the double glocks
by st.clair thug February 11, 2008
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One of the rougher areas of Cleveland, Ohio, located on the northeast part of the city. It is best know as the home of rap group Bone Thugs 'n Harmony.
Don't fuck with the St. Clair thugs, son.
by 'sup P October 19, 2004
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The most amazing last name a human being can ever be born into. The name itself just breeds winners. The reason for this is because of the legend named in "The DaVinci Code"
the legend states that people named St. Clair are descendant of Jesus Christ, allegedly giving them the power of said figure. There is also a clan known as the St. Clair Clan whose entire purpose is to get drunk and enjoy life.
when most people say to make it rain they mean to throw around lots of money, when St. Clair's say make it rain floods happen... yeah.
by the real St. Clair October 23, 2011
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Also known as Skank Clair:
A small town in Missouri, approximately 50 miles west-southwest of Saint Louis. Saint Clair received this moniker from:
1.) being the methamphetamine capital of the United States during the late 1990's
2.) the enormous amount of bitchy fat people with hideously tacky tattoos who live in St. Clair
3.) the tendency for the girls of the town to become pregnant and drop out of St. Clair High School, just like their mothers, thus perpetuating the process of what we know as St. Clair.
people in nearby towns dread having to pass through St. Clair because they might contract an std through the air.

man, there's nothing to do in St. Clair.
by Jose_1234 February 11, 2010
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A suburb in Western Sydney where you will find Lads, Bogans and many ethnic people. It's best advised that you do not visit during the evening and night as the lads and eshays will fight anyone in sight. Fights between teenage boys always happen in the skate bowl. The bogans frequent the local McDonalds and do stupid shit which is why there is now security guards. The area is constantly patrolled by the coppers but crime is still rampant.
Person 1: Oh did you hear about the daughter who beheaded her mother in St Clair the other day?
Person 2: Yeah, best be steering clear of that shit hole!
by typical_lad November 22, 2019
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For a male to perform oral sex on another male at a unrinal in an open area of a bathroom for everyone to see.
Man, I walked into the bathroom and this dude was giving another guy a St. Clair, I was in shock but I soon realized I was in a gay bar.
by Crazy Matthew July 20, 2006
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A county in Northeast Alabama, the place where country livin' is at its best! Unlike all the other counties in Alabama, St. Clair Co. has two county seats, Ashville and Pell City.
"I live in St. Clair County and I enjoy it!"
by smking59 October 14, 2008
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