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The school for incredibly smart and hot guys. They party real hard and are great at baseball and track. they will all become the next billion airs and fuck all the hot girls, while the landon and prep guys will be working at fucking mcdonalds. Most kids are really rich and get with all the girls they want.
St. Albans School guy guy: yea you going to the party??/
Landon guy: no i wasn't invited i go to landon
STA guy: haha sux for u
by dcsta February 07, 2011
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An elite, private college preparatory school for boys in Washington, D.C. Its mascot is the bulldog and its team colors are blue and white. St. Albans has a reputation for being among the elite school in the nation for its college placement and tendency to produce politicians. A 2004 article in the Wall Street Journal found that among U.S. schools, St. Albans had the 11th-highest success rate in placing graduates at 10 selective universities. St. Albans graduates include Former Vice President Al Gore, Senator Evan Bayh, Senator Michael Bennett, Journalists David Ignatius and Ian Urbina, and Fox News host Brit Hume.

St. Albans is considered co-curricular and all boys are expected to participate in a sport. St. Albans competes in the Interstate Athletic Conference (IAC), a league of independent schools in the Washington, D.C. area. Other members of the league are Georgetown Preparatory School, Bullis School, Episcopal High School, Landon School, and St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School.
"St. Albans School sits atop Mount Saint Alban in Washington, DC. With their egos you'd presume they were on top of Everest."

"St. Albans is a snooty, elitist, inside-the-Beltway institution."
-Slate Magazine
by DC Observer May 18, 2009
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