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Landon is a school for the less intelligent kids that play sports until they graduate at age 21. Commonly seen beating women because it is a rare experience for them at an all boys school where shower rape is a custom. Often travel in packs wearing vineyard vines shirts and yellow vans. At Landon school it is a custom to act hood even though your parents pay $40,000 for private school. At a school where nobody give a fuck about academics you can get away with anything if you play sports. As one of the more gay IAC schools it is necessary to play dirty and be a dick. Seeing how high your ego can get is a tradition for the Landon brown bears. While their uniforms may literally make them look like walking shits, do not be thrown off by these middle age men as they will beat up any girls in sight.
Girl : who is that douche 30 year old wearing all vineyard vines
Boy: that’s mike , he has been at Landon school since grade 8
by Crabdaddy1818 June 03, 2018
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