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Squifter; Very rare in america today. A squifter is a very small high-pitched, but long and squeaky, fart than only girls with small bodies and tight tight asses can emit. In today's large assed booty fascinated culture, most women are too heavy by the age of twelve, to be able to produce a quality squifter. Heaver woman are capable of emitting "hissers, gulliens, and rastallions...but not squifters.
I could not believe Marie, she was so small and pretty, her perfectly formed ass would have fit into a baby's booster seat! As she sat beside me and chatted with the couple accross from us I suddenly heard a long high pitched squeak, just like a mouse in destress! I was so actual squifter! My mother told me "If a girl can produce a squifter, she will always be pretty and marry a girl who can squif son!
by Vinter April 30, 2008
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