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An activity involving 5 men and a single female, one men lies on a bench face up, and the female (also face up) lies on top, inserting his cock in her ass. She then spreads her legs and a second gentlemen enters, inserting his member into her pussy. now 2 of the remaining gentlemen approach the lady from either side standing facing her, at about shoulder level. but at a sufficient that she must extend her arms out to reach the base of their cocks, she then begins to jack these two men off. Finally the last man enters, sticking his dick into her mouth from the top of her head, such that the dick goes down the throat and the balls knock her nose as he fucks her throat. She performs all these actions in unison, jacking the guys as though flapping wings and rocking her hips as though adjusting her flight path and squawking from the discomfort of the rigorous deep-throating she receives, thus taking teh appearance of a squawking eagle.
your mum got a squawking eagle from fives guys last night and now she walks with a limp, and has lost the ability to swallow solids.
by defMan9 August 26, 2009
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An act of sex; When you grab your dick and lunge forward with one leg for penetration and make a squawking sound while doing so.
I gave that janky pussy the squawking eagle
by eric mccready January 05, 2005
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