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A greedy-casino-type public clothes-washing establishment where the coin-operated machines are all "rigged in The House's favor" --- the bill-changer mis-feeds/jams/malfunctions frequently and thus does not always dispense "equal" change, the detergent-dispensers contain nearly-empty boxes of soap-powder, the washers' coin-counters merely "swallow" or "ignore" any extra change if you accidentally put in too much, the super-costly "double-loader" and "triple-loader" washers are not actually large enough to accommodate two or three times the laundry of a regular single-load machine, the washers run for a ridiculously short time, the driers are set at too low a temperature and/or spin too slowly to dry your clothes so quickly/thoroughly as they should for the run-time you paid for, all of the machines' timers "advance" or "count down" slightly too rapidly and thus do not actually provide all of the stated run-time, etc. --- and so people hafta squander small fortunes there just to wash their clothes.
I would much prefer to just pay my elderly neighbors a few bucks occasionally to let me wash my laundry in their machine --- and then hang it out myself on my clotheslines to let the sun dry it for free --- rather than paying a fortune at the local squandromats.
by QuacksO July 10, 2018
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