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Squabies is simply getting anything sexual from a girl. Let it be head, a hand job, or anything you can imagine.
"Eric went to Carly's and got mad squabies last night."

"Did you get squabies yet"
"No, she isn't letting me get aaaanything!"

"I'm 'bout to start hangin' out over there and try to get some squabies"
by Zack RE August 01, 2008
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The meaning of squaby is known as a "squad baby". If you are called one, the person is basically calling you a baby. The word is a hybrid of "squad" and "baby". Anyone can be called a squaby. Some OGs from Lawrenceville, IL came up with the word. The sound and style of the word is what makes it unique especially since it came from OGs.
That chick is such a squaby! LMAO!!!
Squabies often love to attend Super Weenie Hut Jr.
via giphy
by FuzzyBallz420-69 May 17, 2018
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