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a female who is easy to get into bed. a slag/slut.
man to friend about woman: i bet she is a right spunksponge!
by Scott Howarth October 29, 2007
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A Spunk Sponge is a predatory manwhore, most often found in clubs and bars and the end of the night. They prey on drunk, vulnerable men and particularly drunken soldiers. They’re always ugly and usually hideously fat, often with severely over-developed body hair. They seek and devour every single drop of man-fat possible, leaving their victims drained and weak. An attack by multiple Spunk Sponges (leading to a Jizz-Frenzy) can be fatal; with death caused by dehydration.
Q. "What happened to Dinger last night?"
A. "He got captured by a Spunk Sponge."
R. "Poor Cunt, he looks half dead."
by LEFTY478 October 24, 2008
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