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A season found only in small American towns of German or Austrian descent (on rare occasions Swiss). It is some time after the New Year and before it's well known older brother the Oktoberfest (most commonly celebrated in September). Some similarities to the traditional (American) Oktoberfest are; large amounts of sausage and beer is sold, lederhosen and dirndls are in abundance (really any folk costume is worn), a lot of music that has nothing to do with Germany other then it is played on an accordion. It is best described as an attempt to milk what little German tradition is left in 6th generation German Americans.
Jack: Springtoberfest is next weekend. You want to come?
Joel: Great, I have been itching to wear my lederhosen again. You know my great grandmothers father was of German descent, or was that Polish.
by lasana February 20, 2012
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