the most gay ass place in va. known for foreners and gettoness. the place were you can get drugs anywere.
im going to fucking springfield va
by assylaf June 17, 2008
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The most generic suburb you will ever have the misfortune of visiting. Located just outside Washington, DC. Springfield consists of strip malls, cheap apartments (primarily housing latino gang members), expensive hotels, the infamously ghetto Springfield Mall, and seemingly "nice" neighborhoods where old ramblers and new McMansions abound.

Don't be fooled my it's generic appearance though, most people residing in Springfield have done jail time or are engaged in illegal activities. When driving though this area I would recommend locking your doors.
Oh shit! This is Springfield, VA! Lock the doors I don't wanna get jacked!
by Rellik Uzi August 14, 2010
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