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An annual event held at JMU where students from JMU and various other institutions get completely wasted and start riots at block parties all weekend. The only way to shut these crazy kids down is to bring in the police, tear gas, and riot shields.
"Hey, did you survive springfest last night?"
"I got tear gased FOUR times. Best night of my life!"
by jMuDuKe007 April 12, 2010
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An annual party at JMU where dumbass students light shit on fire and break everyones shit. Also a time to throw bottles as cops and fill the streets with broken glass so it is dangerous for anyone to walk around and a great time to fuck up our environment (stupid fucking douche bags)! oh i almost forgot and a great way to FUCK OVER RADFORD'S QUADFEST!!!!! if that is to happen so help me god i will ass rape everyone who attends JMU!!
How can i show im a bigger douche bag than everyone already thinks?

Just go to springfest and fuck shit up for everyone!
by F*** You! April 19, 2010
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