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A word similar to 'snog' to describe a (usually drunken) union of two individuals which goes no further than kissing and possibly cuddling. Any attempt by either party (usually the male) to take things to the next logical stage (see 'sproochling'), will invariably be greeted with a slap by the other. Often the participants will 'sprachle' all night long without actually getting to 'sproochle', much to the disappointment of one, if not both, of the sprachlers.

A common side-effect of 'sprachling' is the deep feelings of regret (and sometimes disgust) that one or both of the participants experience upon reaching sobriety.
'Did you see those two at it last night? They were sprachling about the dancefloor all night!"

"Oh my good god, I can't believe it. I think I sprachled xxxxx last night."
by mullboy September 04, 2009
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