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the feeling of relief, happiness, excitement, and euphoria one feels when their team wins a game in the final moments of a game.
Final second field-goal game winners generally produce sportgasms.

Blocking the last penalty kick to win the match can generally produce a sportgasm.

After Vince Young's touchdown run to beat USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl National Championship game, I had a sportgasm.
by SeΓ±or Verde December 09, 2009
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Radio: "We're five minutes in, and the right hand is beginning to get tired now...they're gonna sub in the left hand any minute now. Wow!! What a flawless transition from the right to left hand! Now the left hand prepares for the finisher, and he slams down in one beautiful action, which is why he is a profesional. And WHITE FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Dan: I didn't know Dick Vital does a sportgasm show.
by No Pants Man April 04, 2012
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