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A character on the kid's show LazyTown, he's a super-active guy from Iceland. Many stay-at-home moms (and some dads) find him seriously hot, even though the guy who plays him, Magnus Scheving, is forty-something years old. He is also popular with teenage girls who love to slash him with his rival, Robbie Rotten.
Sportacus is the hottest thing in a blue hat since Four Swords came out.
by Chewing Gum November 10, 2005
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a guy from the show LazyTown who has the most gorgeous body ever and the lushest eyes ever, really blue and cute! although he has a wierdly close relationship thing going on with Stephanie sharing hugs, secrets and consern. which is questionable, as he is 42 and she is fourteen or sixtenn or something like that. hmmmm...
Note: When someone is in trouble Sportacus uses his famous phrase "Someone's in trouble""
However when stephanie is in trouble he says "Stephanie needs me!"
This may be seen as evidence to back up the point that there is something going on between them...
by dougal_love May 02, 2006
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A method of taking a dump in which you perch yourself above the toilet by spreading your legs out wide perpendicular to oneself, gripping your feet onto the cubicle walls to your sides before releasing the beast into the potty.

Named after the overly acrobatic character from the TV show Lazytown whose trademark move is to do the splits in mid-air.
I just got done doing a Sportacus in the bathroom last night and it was fucking awesome dude.

Robbo tried to do the Sportacus after a night of Taco Bell and ended up breaking his shin and pooping all over himself the poor bastard.
by DontEatThatBacon June 11, 2016
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A paedophile in disguise. Acts friendly towards all the kids in lazy town, claiming to want to "make them healthier", when all he wants is for them to squeeze his blimp.
Sportacus: "Hey Stephanie, ya wanna come see mah blimp? It's really big, and we can do some exercise there. I've got a couple of workouts that we can do… together"

Sportacus: "Hey Ziggy, you like to suck on lollipops, right? I've gotta really big one you can suck on, and get all of the tasty juices on your face!"
by I Like Cacti June 09, 2013
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