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A special type of hug.

Used in more intimate situations - for example, between a boyfriend and girlfriend rather than friends. In it, one person lays down facing away from the other, who then wraps their arms around their partners' waist from behind.

During this type of hug, It is common for people to move their legs up against their partners, and/or rest their head on the others' back.

The partners will find it more natural and comfortable holding their bodies in similar curved positions - giving this hug it's name. The one holding his/her partner acts as the "spoon".

It is possible to spoon hug standing up too - just have one person turn the other way and hug them from behind!
Go to to see an amusing example of a spoon-hug, since it's kind of hard to write an example for this...

"Hey, Alyssa... can I spoon-hug with you?"
by Adam L James July 09, 2007
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