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Regional, mid-south US. From the Jerry Lee Lewis song "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee". Not quite an insult. The term is applied to one who is respected, yet inferior, or more often simply in a temporary state of inferiority, such as a friend who is being a stupid drunk.
as spoken to a friend who is hitting on fat girls and about to fall down some stairs: "whoa! careful there spo-dee!"

as a polite but firm and assertive warning to a transgressive stranger: "best keep off of my girl there spo-dee"
by XBJ-9000 December 13, 2003
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This shit is a smack of fake-ass pineapple, some other shit and coconut or something in YOUR MOUTH. It's 18% will get you pregnant and might even drive you home at the end of the night if you talk dirty. I drank this shit and I can tell you the best part is yelling " Yea getting drunk on that SPOODEEEEE!" It just rolls of the tongue. I would even drink this shit if it's name wasn't spodee but honestly half the fun in this drink is screaming its name while your drunk. Also a chocolate one thats fucking gross dont do it.
SPODEEE!! YEA DRINKING SPODEEE!!! YEA!! Wait why are you all running , oh shit fucking t-rex im dead , SPODEEE!!
by DR.DRUNK February 25, 2017
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