Extreme electronic music genre. Faster than the standard Speedcore but slower than extratone. Opinions differ, but it is usually between 600 and 700bpm.
Damn this splittercore is making my head hurt
by DICDICDIC December 02, 2007
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Splittercore is a rapid music genre that is 600-1000 BPM (Beats Per Minute). It’s a music genre that fits in between Speedcore and Extratone. Some artists that make Splittercore songs are Diabarha, Hylna, M1dy, etc. Some Splittercore songs are “New Era” By Diabarha, “Mental Cage” by Diabarha, and “Radioactra Redux” by Hylna. Splittercore is kind of cool.
A troll told Zack, an insomniac friend of his that Splittercore is a calm music genre and thathe should play it when he is trying to fall asleep. Zack played it before going to bed, and he woke up with no ears.
by The speedcore dude February 01, 2021
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A BDSM sexual orgy involving 4 or more people in which the participants make odd loud noises such as squeaks and growls. Furries have claimed this as one of their inventions.
"I've heard that Brett and Maddy have join that bizarre furry couple in a Splittercore."
by BjarturWolf March 21, 2019
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