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when the guy blows a load in the toilet and forgets to flush or doesn't flush, then the woman goes to the bathroom, drops a deuce and the splash from the turd splashes up with the load...and boom there you have a baby 9 months later...."I shall call him lil shit"
my brother is a result of a splashback baby.
by eradacator486 November 10, 2017
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When you do a chick up the bum and then she gets preggers because the splashback went into her pee hole. the end.
' lets have sex'
'ohhh naaaaw we aint got no conDOMMMS!'
'wooo yay anal'
BOOM 9months later you got a baby, bitch.
aka - splashback baby
by i have huge nuts April 11, 2011
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