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the dried toothpaste encrusted foam that forms on clothes and facial features short while after activity of brushing teeth has been carried out.

Extremely dangerous, splander only visualises into white stain minutes after, one may be under the impression that their clothes/face are splander-free, yet by the time they reach the bus stop stains may have materialised, to laughs of fellow classmates.

Impossible to remove with mear scratching.

Possible to pretend to friends it is only Tippex, only sometimes though, friends are wise like that.

Some people can have personal problems with splander, that is cannot brush their teeth without creating it. Usual evolves from a teeth washer who has their mouth open will brushing. Foam forming around buccal cavity drops to clothes, pants, shoes etc.
Lucia; "Gerald, have you just finished brushing your teeth, darling?"

Gerald; "Yeh Mama. How'd you know?"

Lucia; "..Because you have splander all over your batman pyjamas!"

Gerald; "Ohhh darn-diddly -arn-it"
by Sharsharshar July 31, 2006
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