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A large, living, serpent like poop covered in bloody spikes. It slithers around and spikes people to devour them. It usually comes out when people eat too many baconburgers or donuts. Also, it can come of a stale hot pocket that isn't cleaned out.
Oh my God! The spiky poop impaled Jorge! Run!
by Mr. Ornelas September 14, 2017
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An evil embodiment of vile feces, spawned when a person eats too many baconburgers and donuts. They are generally long and snake-like, covered in spikes, and have no front or end. The more it consumes, the larger it grows, until it cannot be stopped.
He stared into the toilet with horror as he saw the newly spawned spiky poop writhing within the bowl.
by Mr. Ornelas May 28, 2018
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