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1. indicating something is very obvious or showy. stands out from the crowd.

2. anything that is hot/popular/trendy/stylish/unique.

3. t-shirt and clothing company. based in Southern California. can be found at

all definitions taken from the word CONSPICUOUS.
Ex. 1
A: you see that guy mashing in the RSX?
B: yeeah, that's spicuous. there's a cop right there.

Ex. 2
C: hey, man, you look fresh today !
D: thanks, dawg, it's been a while, huh?
C: yeeeeah, you look so spicuous.

Ex. 3
Brandon: I was at a party last night right ?
RiGHT, and my boys are up there im like
aww your shirt is tight, he was like nah its Spicuous !
by mszC November 08, 2009
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Very obvious, not on the DL, synonym to uncutty.

Taken from the word inconspicuous.

Ex. 1:

"Look at that idiot, rolling a blunt at the front of the bus."

"That's hella spicuous. At least move to the back."


"Dude, sit down, shut the fuck up, and stop being so spicuous. My parents are upstairs!"
by hellahella August 13, 2007
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