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The confusing language that results when you use text messaging on an iphone or other device that has spellchecker, grammar checker or automatic word completion function and fail to notice the garbled sentence before sending.
I got this crazy message from my boss written in spellcheckese. I guess he doesn't know how to turn off the automatic correction on his new iphone.
by expatriate971 June 03, 2009
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A spoken street language where you throw in a random word or two in the middle of the sentence. This mimics the spellchecker contributions on mobile devices.
Joe: "It was meant to be cheesecake chicken, instead it was all chillies and ton of salt"
May: "WTF!"
Joe: "schezuan"

May:"Ah, spellcheckese"
by CXF0294 March 05, 2017
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