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Basically, hp/liter or hp/cubic inch. The actual, correct term for the 'hp/liter' rating of an engine is specific output, but most ignorant rice-boys do not know this, because they are ignorant.

While it may be nice to have an engine with a specific output of 100hp/liter, realize that for performance, specific output is meaningless. Power-to-weight ratio is what counts. Which is exactly why a Boss 351 Mustang, even with its pathetic 57hp/liter, is still faster than a Supra Turbo. May not corner as well, but it is faster nonetheless. Also, they cost about $35,000 less originally.
Ricer: Ha ha. My S2000 has 107hp/liter, therefor it is superior to your inefficient old Corvette Stingray.

Me: True, your specific output is higher, but my car still has 198 more hp and weighs not much more. Which would explain why you were 1 second behind me back at the drag strip.

Ricer: Damn you, Vette guy. For I have been defeated... But beware, for I shall return next week, when my NOS kit has been installed. Ahahahahaha!

Me: Well, that's nice, cuase I'm getting a 572 crate engine installed next week, believe it or not. Yep, 620hp... That should be a fun match.

Ricer: *Gulp.* Um, yeah about that. Come to think of it, I kinda had a wedding that I had to go to next week, so... bye. *Runs off.*

Me: Um, hey man! You left your car! Um, ok... Well, that was interesting.
by 123123123 February 25, 2006
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