Spec-ops is short for: special operations. Special operations are missions conducted by members of military or paramilitary Special Forces.
The CIA is currently involved in Spec-ops in Afghanistan.
by Wannabee October 12, 2005
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An organization fighting against terrorism and political enemies for America by specializing in stealth.
by Matt Fisher October 14, 2003
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Spec-Ops. A secret American organization fighting terrorist and political groups. This group is unknown to all but the select few in it.
by F.S. October 16, 2003
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A very underrated video game.
Loosely based from Heart of Darkness.
The gameplay is sucks, but the briliant storytelling is enough to making you feel angered, or cry, or sometimes maybe you will pauses the game because of shocks.
Plus there's many amazing quotes + kick-ass soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game that will make you spend a lot of time to think.
After you've play this game maybe you will find yourself become more quiet + introverted, keep remembering what you've done (and maybe even PTSD, if you're sensitive), searching the entire Internet to find the soundtrack + OST, then listen to those soundtrack nonstop, and maybe become a wiser person. Other war game stories are SUCK compared to this one.
95% of the people who playing this game are all above 18 years old.

6 months before the game, Dubai is destroyed by sandstorm. Col. John Konrad, is volunteering for help. But then Konrad were ordered to leave Dubai, but Konrad didn't follow orders, then gone dark as more sandstorms forming a storm wall that cuts out most communications.

2 weeks before the game, there's a weak signal from Konrad, telling everything is a complete failure and the death toll is too many. So, the Army then sent Cpt. Martin Walker to investigate. Walker and his team actually ordered to get out of Dubai once they spot a survivor, but Walker forces his team to pushes on...

The rest, you have to see for yourself.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
-Brainwashing audience to become psychopath(yes, this is real and not found in other video games)
-Many annoying kids on multiplayer
-Same sh*t over and over again
-Only recreating some stuff and call it a sequel/different game
-Always linear gameplay (led by AI like dog on the leash)
-You can(and you will) kill thousands of enemies without remorse
-Making kids become more retarded(too many kids commenting on real gun videos with knowledge based from Call of Duty)
-Sold 5.000.000 copy a day.

Spec Ops The Line
-Telling the audience about the horrors of war
-99,99% of the audience are mature(not always age, but mind)
-No game giving a story like this game before
-Created from the very beginning
-At least you're a team leader of 3-man squad
-Many disturbing scene that will make you regret what you've done
-Very briliant anti war story that is disguised as a war game(even after the developer telling their own plot, people think more and surprised when they connect the dots)
-Sold 460.000 copy only.
by Trololololololololol September 02, 2012
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Mostly referred to as spec ops guy, is a 7ft tall dude attending the DC protests.
A video of him throwing tear gas back at the police in a full body protection suit and yellow fire proof gloves went viral,
followed by another video of him intimidating the police.
In another short video he gave an interview roughly explaining his view and beliefs,

in which you can see him wear a black shirt with the anonymous logo,

the Guy Fawkes mask, underneath his iconic armor.
People on the internet, mostly girls, are simping for and thirsting over the mysterious faceless hero.

Some people claim there is four of them of which one is a girl, but nothing has been confrimed yet.
You will often hear the names

'Tank' , referring to the guy intimidating the police,
'Riot' , who is also speculated to be 'Alpha' , the dude with the dreads who gave the interview and threw the tear gas

and the girl Scales/Flower/Hornet/Athena, on which many people can't agree on what her name is.
Person A: " Did you hear about spec ops guy?"
Person B: " Oh my god YES, he's like, SO hot!!! I want to sit on his face"
Person A: "IKR? He's literally daddy I love him so much"
by cheeto stick June 06, 2020
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Tele Op Spec - Everybody, Signals, Infantry and even Civvies, knows that a Spec-Op (aka Special Telegraphist, Morse-Monkey, Tele-op spec) is what you call when your wife or lady needs some real good lovin' and your cold beer needs drinkin' whilst you are away on exercise or operational tour. Known in the Corps to be the best lovers and envied by all the handbags, tele mechs, techs, EDs and thick as fuck lineys
1) Hey Don, Hear you off to Ireland for a tour... Don't worry mate.. I'll keep an eye out to make sure your Mr's don't get Spec Op'd (Tele Op Spec'd) whilst your over there.

2) No point going to the NAAFI bar tonight lads.. The Tele Op Spec's have just finished shift... wasting our time with the WRACs with those fanny magnets knocking about.

3) Wish I could have made it in the Corps as a Spac Op (common slang term used for those that failed or never made Tele Op Spec)
by HRH Colonel in Chief February 01, 2014
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