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Pornographic movies that are often available in hotel rooms, often for masturbatory purposes. These movies are often quite expensive, and might be embarrassing if they are itemized on your hotel bill. In some cases, the hardcore scenes have been edited out, leaving you to rub one out with little more than what's available on many premium cable TV channels. The word was popularized in the 1995 comedy film "Tommy Boy", starring Chris Farley and David Spade. The relevance of spankervision in a world of widely available Internet porn, is questionable.
"My girlfriend is awesome in the sack, but I'm traveling for work for the next two weeks. I might have to break down and order some spankervision at the hotel."

"I hope my boss doesn't look at my expense report too closely. I don't think he's gonna buy that a regular on-demand movie cost $29.00... He'll know it was spankervision"
by defnotmyrealname March 18, 2013
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Watching a guy on webcam while he masturbates.
Some guy came in the chat room and was like," Ladies hard, young cock on cam about to blow my load. Come watch me CUM for you!"

I was like,"Ohh wow, just what I been sitting in chat waiting on all day, some fucktard to invite me to watch spankervision!!! I'd rather watch rats fuck!!"
by Funky_Girl November 05, 2007
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