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A spanken is DIFFERENT from a (spanking)

A spanken is more playful and fun but still hurts like hell
Implements are definitely used for a spanken.
Other than hand a belt,brush,switch etc...
It should always end with love and comfort and a bare bottom.
Girlfriend- shut up
Boyfriend- Don't tell me what to do shut up now I'm not playin

Girlfriend- I'll do whatever I want,shut up!
Boyfriend-You don't wanna listen?

Girlfriend- Hell no
Boyfriend- Alright,got in the bedroom and go got my belt you're about to get a spanken and I promise you're gonna learn to listen
Girlfriend- Baby no!! I'll listen!
Boyfriend- oh I know you will,go get it now!
Girlfriend- Yes sir😭 I'm sorry.
Boyfriend-no you're not. Not yet but you will be.
by Careluckyletters September 01, 2017
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