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Usually a "tall car" or otherwise compact multi seat passenger vehicle with a high tailgate which takes up lots of room and prevents the drivers behind from getting a clear view of the traffic conditions ahead.

Often used by retarded drivers - uaually scared of driving - to intimidate other road users.

Originated from Space Wagon -> Spac-e -> Spakky.

Also a large vehicle which is intended for transporting dis-advantaged citizens but is instead being used for transporting one kid to school and blocking up all the narrow roads on the way.
"Quick, before the spakky wagon pulls out"
"Oh no, I'm stuck behind another spakky wagon"
"I can't overtake - I can't see past that ugly Spakky Wagon"
"The driver infront is weaving around like a t*t - like a true spak"
"Cars give way to bikes, lorries give way to cars and nobody gives way to spakky wagons"
"Come on, spakky wagon, the light's GREEN!!"
"They're taking their kid to school these days - guess it's time to get a spakky wagon"
"Don't park next to that spak - they may ding the car doors when they fling theirs open!"
by Alan Wagon September 13, 2006
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