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the act of a persons body being stretched thin when approaching a black hole. pronunciation of the word can also induce a lil laughter when to the parties involved.
The spaghettification of that man is causing me to have sensory overload.
by Sensory Overload January 18, 2010
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n. (Lat.) the way in which the Flying Spaghetti Monster assimilates believers into his holiness.
His spaghettification is now complete; he got to close to the black hole, and is now perfectly assimilated into the FSM's spaghetti tentacles.
by PutAInDem...Er...De October 14, 2009
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The act of a life form's cells being disassembled by the incredibly strong gravitational force of a black hole. During said process, the life form is brutally ripped apart into a line of cells approaching the center of the black hole, not unlike the process of turning raw pasta into spaghetti.
"One day humanity will send a creature into a black hole, where it will certainly be doomed to spaghettification."
by Shay Kirbuti August 06, 2016
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