verb Smoking an enormous amount of weed and snorting adderal to counter act each of their individual items negative effects. The result is a hillarious, clear state of mind.
"Well, i just snorted my adderall, pass the bong and we'll be spacewalking in no time."

"Dude, im spacewalking my balls off"
by Jewmangi July 17, 2008
When a passenger risks his life to fix something on the outside of the car by pulling himself through his window using his seatbelt as a tether - all the while, the driver never slows down. Usually the result of rushing to reach one's destination in a p.o.s. vehicle.

Note: beware of rain at high speeds.
Jonathan: The windshield wiper came loose again! Evan, spacewalk.
Evan: We're going 80 miles an hour! The rain feels like bullets, let's just pull over-
Jonathan: Never!
by cubby821 June 29, 2011
When you see a old POS pickup truck being used as a garbage truck with wooden walls built on the bed with a black person in the back jumping up and down to compress the bags so they do not fly out.
"Me and Ben saw that nigga spacewalk driving down the road."
by tantric132 June 19, 2009
When two males in bottomless spacesuits in a dark room simulate the docking of the international space station with their penises.
Guy 1: hey man, did you see that video of the international space station.
Guy 2: no bro, why?
Guy 1: me and Mark reenacted it with the naked spacewalk.
by Valinore December 8, 2017