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a sluty, sometimes in the closet nymph that loves to run in a pack...and is identified in the wild with a larger than normal bag on her sholders displaying greek letters. but don't be fooled, they come in many different species...for example, chi omega, alpha Xi delta, and Alpha omicron pi to name a few...

Real women of genius

Today we solute you, Mrs.Typical sorority girl, With your side ponytails and crooked poof that you can't seem to get straight and your pointed toed shoes...the ones that you got a size big too for added pointiness. As you half sip those bottled waters and are "always" on your way to work out, but somehow end up at the tanner instead...remember God broke the mold when he made you!. Everyone knows you sweat when you tan... But you don't care, cause you know that as you throw away that empty pack of cigs that you only smoke when you drink in the trash, your different form the other girls. You don't need Ugg boots, besides they were two seasons go anyway. With your head held high and that sparkle in your eye, you are every guy's dream and every girl's envy. With the new aderol diet you are thinner and more productive than ever! So when that frat boy tells you he's been looking for someone like you all night...don't feel ashamed that you can't hold your liquor.Cause he couldn't possibly think you're are whore. And right before he takes you up to his room for a night of sloppy sex, bong an ice cold bud light...flip cup is ok too!
MATT:hey man, you going to date party with a chi homega?

BEN: yeah!...i love those sowhority girls
by wake up foolish July 07, 2006
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