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Southside junior high (middle) designed in the 1920s by architect Henry Taylor.Southside Junior High, along with Lealman Junior High, were the last schools to be built in Pinellas County until 1950. Due to the significant drop in enrollment dropped during the Great Depression.The 1926 enrollment level would not be reached again until after World War II in 1947. Southside remained a junior high school until 1972 when it was closed for one year, only to be reopened in 1973 as Southside Alternative School. In 1974, a federal program called the Student Resource Center was housed in and coordinated with Southside Alternative School.

In 1980, the Pinellas Board of Public Instruction converted the building housing to a fundamental middle school.
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Now 2007 Southside is 80 years old.

1701 10th Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33705

"Ay Audria where you go to school at?"
"You know i go to southside middle!"

by airkuhh May 20, 2007
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