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Where your school district sends you for stuff like Possession of Drugs, Fighting, Possession of a weapon, truancy, outside felonies, or Incorrigalbe conduct whatever the fuck that is. Where im chillin right now.
They sent me to Alternative school, fuck it man the work is easy, the food is good, and the people are cool. Im chillin.
by 40 and a blunt January 12, 2010
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Alternative schools are usually smaller schools with flexible schedules created for teenagers who don't work well in a normal school environment.

Common reasons for going to an alternative school: Teen pregnancy, mental illnesses, addiction, learning disablities, and behavior problems.
Jane: I got kicked out of my high school for getting caught with weed. I'm going to an alternative school now.

Luke: That sucks. My cousin goes to an alternative school because she got into too many fights in school.
by Ashton EA June 17, 2012
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a school that they basically put you in if your a foster kid, been takin off your meds, or if your on probation. (im in it)
jim: hey man, how come i dont see you in school anymore?

Jake: iv'e, ahhh... been sick..?

Jim: your in alternative school, arent you?

Jake: yeah...yeah, i am :/
by partytime765 November 29, 2011
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