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This means to fix something, usually without the proper tools or parts. Often duct tape is used in massive amounts. Analagous to the phrase nigger rig.
The furnace in my house is southern engineered.
by Phife54 February 17, 2006
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To fix something by cobbeling together. Not only is duct tape a mainstay in the southern engineers tool box, but so is bailing wire. Typical uses for the bailing wire are any applications where welding would normally be used.
Jethro: "Hey Jim-Bob, my muffler is draggin and causing all sorts of racket".
Jim-Bob: "Git you some of dat bailin wiar and tie er up".
Jethro: "Good idea Jim-Bob, where is it at?"
Jim-Bob: "Over yonder, in ma tool box, under the duct tape".
Jethro: "Thank god you went to the Po-dunk A & M community college in Stump Jumperville and got your GED on that Southern Engineer course"!
by Frainslug February 20, 2006
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surprisingly brilliant (the accent is deceptive), can make rockets out of anything, uses cotton fields as launch pads, uses y'all and centripetal force in the same sentence

He made a rocket out of moonshine; he must be a southern engineer.
by rocketnerd November 12, 2011
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