N. A curvy penis, particular when the curvature is extreme and puts the tip of the penis in an unusual location.

Etymology - Describes a penis so curvy and knarly that it could wrap around one's body like a sousaphone.
"Hey, I need some condoms"

"Okay, what kind?"

"Uh... Model W31RD1C7"

"Damn awkward condom shoppers... HAHAHAHA YOU HAVE A SOUSAPHONE! Well if you were trying to get in my pants your shit out of luck buddy, I only fuck men who curve less than 30 degrees"
by qaerqg January 30, 2011
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A Rusty Sousaphone is a Rusty Tuba performed on a man who is incredibly well endowed.
My boyfriend is hung like John Holmes and I gave him a Rusty Sousaphone last night.
by CGHDun December 2, 2021
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