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Any automobile sufficiently overloaded with accessories so as to be conspicuously gaudy. The overload factor is directly proportional to the worth of the car. For example, a 1965 Buick Electra deuce and a quarter with a cracked windshield and a busted ring, emitting clouds of smoke might merely need to have mud flaps and curb feelers to pass as a soul car. A more recent ride in good condition might require a spoiler, a hood scoop, a gaudy large antenna and an overly expensive set of chrome wheels to reach the threshold. The ubiquitous nature of over-amped sound systems excludes their consideration as a factor in determining the status.
Hey, it looks like they have been spraying for mosquitoes again." 'No, it's from that soul car that just drove by. Didn't you see the strobe lights?
by Grant Blacque May 20, 2011
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