An overused saying which is supposed to mean "totally sober", although when said this way, it is meant to give people the impression that you are not only drunk (that's why you're slurring your words), but also witty enough to use such clever irony even in your inebriated state. This saying, however, generally misses its mark and instead sounds similar to "I SUCK!" to most people.
Eugene: "I just drank 15 beers, but I'm SOTALLY TOBER!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
John: "Ha. We've got a real tough guy here! Someone get him the badass hat!"
Eugene: "Yeah!!! I'm a badass and you all know it!!!"
John: "You are one pathetic loser."
by Nick D July 12, 2004
Person A: Yeah and then I flipped off the cop and ran away.
Person B: Ahh... So I'm going to assume that you were "Sotally Tober" on this occasion.
Person A: Well duh hahahaha
by wonder wo(rd)man March 21, 2010