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Sorya (soy-ya) -verb:

1. in the ancient language that scribes the Book of Moot, monteeze, Sorya means to be "one with the awesomeness that is the sun.

2. the act of going forth and frolicking through the fields towards your lover.

3. to be deeply enthralled by Picture Perfect, Up in the Air, 50/50, all/and anything else Anna Kendrick related.

4. to love, scream, yell, jump, leap, frolic, masturbate, eat, hate, procrastinate, etc. Really any verb under the sun can be replaced by this marvelous word.
OMG tony, last night I saw Pitch Perfect and I got all hot and soryaed over the lead actress, Anna Kendrick.


No sorya way!

by anonymousSorya June 23, 2014
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