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(Also spelled "sorority")
Members of these types of groups often partake in drug and alcohol binges, unprotected sex with multiple partners, bulimia, and general whorities. They are sluts who are content with screwing whatever walking penis happens to supply them with enough alcohol (penises get bones points for belonging to a "fraternity"). They live shallow existences, and lie to themselves about qualities like:

Being virtuous
Having honor
Being trustworthy
Having integrity
Being "ladies"
Sorwhority Skank 1: I got sooooo drunk last night!

Sorwhority Skank 2: Really? Me Too!

Sorwhority Skank 1: Did you get laid?

Sorwhority Skank 2: I don't really remember, but, probably!

Sorwhority Skank 1: Oh my God, me too!!!

Sorwhority Skank 1 & 2: Sisters!

Sorwhority Skank 1: I feel so virtuous and ladylike!

Sorwhority Skank 2: Let's go to Church!

Sorwhority Skank 1: OK!!!

Sorwhority Skank 2: Can I copy your (insert random upper division comm. class here) homework afterward?

Sorwhority Skank 1: Sure! What do I care about academic integrity?
by The AntiGreek March 15, 2005
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