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Sonicry /'sɒnɪkri/

A type of internet addiction disorder that has an ever increasing chance to occur as you get older and realize the meaninglessness of life. It commonly manifests during prolonged wasting of time on popular video sharing sites like YouTube. It is described as an inability to watch videos on normal speed but instead on the maximum speed because you just "Gotta Go Fast". It is named after the popular video game character sonic the Hedgehog.
"I'm suffering from a severe case of sonicry, yesterday I watched the whole 60 minutes episode in 30 minutes!"

"Dude, have you heard what happened to John? He read Nietszche's Thus spoke Zarathustra and now he's suffering from sonicry. He watched the whole wowcrendor's wow leveling series in 2 days."
by zardozz May 29, 2017
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