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A person is who is extremely lazy and stressed about the smallest things possible. Gets little sleep and wakes up late. An extremely good friend that you can alway support on. Not of the time doesn't care about appearance. Always there for her friends. An awesome and an Oreo that is alway out-going and gives the best advice.
Sonica is such an African Asian.
by TrueAznGirl March 12, 2014
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Fun loving friend who breaks rules and doesn't care half of the time but you still care for her
"Sonica why do you not care"
by Tj009 April 09, 2014
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A person who is very nice and elegant person. Sonicas usually always change their hair and sometimes have an afro. Sonicas are very good friends but if you annoy them they will crush you.Sonicas are very bossy and forceful and always ask their friends for help. They always believe they are right but thats how a Sonica is. Sonicas like to be around their friends and like to spend time with them. Sonicas enjoy to be around asians so you would always find then around them. Sonicas ususally do not enjoy ramen. So in the case of being the friend to a Sonica don't but them ramen for a present or treat. Sonicas are also obsessed with ducks.
"Woah! You pissed off Sonica! Run bro..."
"Who's that girl" "Her name is Sonica" " Damn that ramen hater!" Also see Oreo
by asianpimpdaddy00123 March 12, 2014
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