somex is short for sometimes, the "x" for "times" like in multiplication. some ppl use it in shorthand notetaking, instant messaging, texting, etc.

sometimes always maybe never yes and no
Andrew: woah do u go 2 the library evry day or sumthing

Chelsea: yes and no, just somex, I just brw a lot of bks


Nts: Fever

-somex is accomp. of commn cold
-somex need emerg. med attent....

you get it!!!!
by Kiinoaeyy September 07, 2007
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This wide-ranging area includes Southern California, Baja California, Sonora, Arizona, New Mexico and Chihuahua. Some also include Nevada, Utah and parts of SW Colorado. It is the opposition to Cascadia and borders Chicharrones.
He's straight outta SoMex with those San Diego stylins and that outfit.
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
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