Pronounced: so-ite-us

A Northern Ireland condition whereby an individual involuntarily adds a range of colloquialisms to the end of a statement, often as a means of self reassurance, that the statement is true and trustworthy. Much like "isn't it?". The condition is named after the most common of these: "so it is".

The exact phrase alters depending on tense, changing "so it is" to "so it was" or maybe "so it will".

The phrase can also alter to reflect a person or a third party object: "so he was", "so she will" or "so it would"

There is also the negative: "so its not"
(phonetical spelling)
hear, are wee Jannie says his company is closin down..... so it is

Oh, Hararya Gillian! don't you know our yacht club in Bangor is clearly the best in all of Christendom.... so it is

Wait till I tell ya, you're a knob.... so you are

Man, spides seem to all have a serious case of soitis!
by matt McIvor January 9, 2008
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