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a way to use street/gutter type terms, 'manipulated' in such a verbose (wordy) way they could be used in polite, 'christian' society! (or in church!)

i personally love to do this, and have been doing so for gets a guaranteed huh? and often; a chuckle! a great way to 'de-crude', crude!!

real handy, in a 'holier-than-thou' (squeaky-clean) environment!!
steve used soft cursing to strongly encourage his co-worker to apply a vacuum to his rectum!! (i.e. suck/suckle my ass!!)

let me strongly urge you to depart and have sex with yourself!!

she suggested he go have 'relations' with himself

suckle my dual function drainage hose!!

the trooper had 'unnatural' sex with me!!
by michael foolsley June 20, 2011
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