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sodjo |säjō|

Originates from the abbreviation of misogynist. However differs from misogyny by implying a frustration towards women’s irrationality and emotional decision-making rather than hatred of the sex in general.

Typifies single, moderately successful males in their 20s and 30s who were raised to value equal rights for women but feel burdened by marriage and domestic responsibilities. Girlfriends are substituted with recreational activities considered immature i.e. gaming, surfing, skateboarding etc. Typically a sodjo will objectify females, rating them harshly on looks. Sodjos will have few female friends and often live in wolfpacks with other males. Resulting sexual frustration is alleviated by frequent use of pornography, strippers and occasional prostitutes.

Shares traits with "man-child" and "pre adult"outlined in the book Manning Up by Kay Hymowitz where she argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic, unanticipated effect on the current generation of young men. Traditional roles of family man and provider have been turned upside down as “pre-adult” men, stuck between adolescence and “real” adulthood, find themselves lost in a world where women make more money, are more educated, and are less likely to want to settle down and build a family. Their old scripts are gone, and young men find themselves adrift. Unlike women, they have no biological clock telling them it’s time to grow up.
Did you hear that song "Show Me Your Genitals" by Jon Lajoie? Man that guy is a sodjo!

Hey, you want to come to to the mall for a sodj?
by sodjo May 13, 2013
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