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Someone who obsessively seeks out social interaction at every available opportunity.
Someone who can't stand their own company.
Jeff is hassling me to go out drinking every day of the week. He’s a real sociophile.
by ocd-Jeff March 11, 2011
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A person that is so absorbed in others, yet in such a shallow manner as to mimic social networks, so that the person never knows a person as a human, but as a username.

These people tend to be vindictive and rarely move from their friend groups. They seem to think on a 2 dimensional plane similar to the Internet encounters: like and dislike.

Sociophiles have a knack for stirring up drama.
Dude 1: Why does this little dweeb keep acting like I were friends?

Dude 2: He's a sociophile man: you said hi, and he accepted the friend request.
by Butcher•D, boooiiiii January 07, 2016
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