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An individual who tries to pass off as a sociopath and may employ subterfuge, deception, artifice, copied mannerisms, pretense at having no moral compass, affectations or a lack thereof, among other things; the sociopass acts out a role in a vested effort to obtain social recognition as a sociopath and the consequent dread and anxious reverence awarded to those with this personality disorder.

The sociopass yearns for this unique station (pointing to low self-esteem, a theme traditionally not present in sociopaths' makeup) and buys into the myth of sociopathic superpowers due to the media's perverse fascination with a subject often tinged with admiration and envy. The sociopass is a victim of personal worth issues. This yields the false belief it is feasible to become a sociopath. They are enamored with the goal of "not feeling much of anything" and perceive that sociopaths enjoy exclusive liberties, a misconception borne out of reports describing them as free from feelings of shame and remorse over their actions.

The sociopass fetishizes a condition that afflicts a mere 4% of the US population (conversely, a sociopathic country itself) and which is caused by the ways the brain processes information, forms connections, etc. Although it is established it is not possible to turn into a sociopath, this is no deterrent to the sociopass who, at times, will go so far as to engage a psychiatrist to attain the desired official diagnosis.
"Ugh, that guy Lloyd just crashed our party"
"You mean the jerk with no social skills or respect for personal space? He chucks it all to his diagnosis of a sociopathic personality."
"That's such BS; he's just a wannabe, a basic sociopass. Shame him for his small dick in front of an audience and watch his reaction."
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by madcopygirl June 12, 2018
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