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The aggregation of people planet-wide, (but chiefly in America), who contribute absolutely nothing beneficial to society and who pass through life virtually unnoticed, except when they offend. These people typically jump from one low-paying job to another, (if they have a job), never serve in the military, manifest mediocrity of geological magnitude, have no hobbies, and every one of them owns an elaborate cell phone which is perpetually activated while conversing about some non-topic to another member of this dubious group. Generally speaking, such folks are parasites on society, taking advantage of every government giveaway program in existence.

Key locations to observe such people include McDonald's, Wal-Mart, laundromats, and hospital emergency rooms. They almost always travel in packs, (family and peer units), and at least two to three cell phones will be evident when they are present.
It's the first of the month and we'll have to elbow our way through the societal debris to do any shopping at Wal-Mart.
by The Grottomaster June 02, 2011
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