Any governmental or other system which approaches but does not fulfill socialist ideals.
The U.S. Social Security system is so totally socialish. It tries to redistribute wealth, but it doesn't work.
by tilth July 27, 2006
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Socialishness is what social media should be, but isn't. Television started carrying theatre but quickly eroded to be just filler content between commercials and now is mostly infomercials. The web went from information to porn almost instantly. Now Social Media is more Media than Social. the only thing that will save Social Media from a quick death is "socialishness"... people have to actively meet in-real-life (IRL) and shun/block/attack any aggressive marketing attempts using Social Media.
If you are not sure what to blog about, DO SOMETHING IN REAL LIFE and blog about it. Socialishness is a lot more sincere and interesting than repeating other experiences or ideas.
by Gregory Alan Elliott 2 February 2, 2010
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When you talk in regular English, but you include some of your social charisma into it. May be confused with the term Socialism and Socialist.
Monetized YouTuber: "Sup guys, y'all wanna take a bite and monetize our friendship?"
Regular Instagrammer: "Hey y'all! Y'all wanna go to a party, I'm sooooooo bored..."
Examples of speaking Socialish (Language).
by RDTurcios April 6, 2020
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