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One's sobcount represents the number of different people they have had sexual intercourse with. (oral sex does not count.) Asking someone their sobcount is a sneaky way to ask someone how many partners they have had, without it being too awkward. When sharing one's sobcount with others, one is not obliged to give details regarding who or when the numbers represent. It is purely a raw number.
Rob: so what's your sobcount these days?
Becca: 23
Rob: you fucking tramp!Joe: dude, what's your sobcount?

Paul: fourteen, you?
Joe: well i was trying to keep it in the single digits 'till sophomore year, but after that party friday night, i'm up to twelve.

Mary: You should totally get with Paul!
Suzy: Yeah, I mean, I am trying to raise my sobcount.
by squeals September 01, 2008
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