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-A photograph that has been:
1.Taken at an extreme angle so that it hides your true ugliness

2.Taken infront of a mirror therefore you are able to see yourself, the camera, and a flash.

3. Edited on the computer so that it is some strange color or blurred to hide your true deformities.

4. Taken so that it shows yourself at your sluttiest nature

5. Taken so that you are not looking at the camera and usually your mouth is open.

6. Taken by yourself, which of course will be poorly done and your arm will be in the way.

7. Taken so that, out of the 100 other pictures you took, this one actually makes you look good.

--Also something that is "so myspace!" could also be a pose, a saying, or a clever joke that could be used as a headline.

---If not those, the only other thing that could be "so myspace" is something you did or do that reminds the other of myspace, instead of the other way around.
-OMG! That picture is SOOOOO myspace!

--that joke is so myspace! DIBS on using it as a headline!!

---Dude your a fag. You can't have 500 friends in real life. That's so myspace.
by sofia the bench September 11, 2006
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